A brief post about the return of a band I love.

My favourite band in the whole world popped up at the weekend with two new songs and it was all incredibly exciting!

I first heard LCD Soundsystem while I was waiting for a band to come on at The Harley in Sheffield. I don’t really remember much of the show, I’m sure It was alright, but I do remember hearing All My Friends for the first time and instantly becoming obsessed.

It caught my attention immediately, the simple piano chord that runs throughout, the melody, the lyrics, everything about that song will fascinate me for ever. I genuinely don’t think I’ll ever get bored of listening to it.

As soon as the show had finished I rushed home to try and figure out who it was, frantically googling any lyrics I could remember. Once I’d found out who it was by I became obsessed.

I downloaded everything I could and listened to it all as much as possible. At the time I hosted a hospital radio show and for the next month I began every show with one of their songs, I don’t know how our listeners found that.

At the time, they had split up, finished touring and there was no more music to come, this made me sad.

However, now they’re properly back! last year they were touring again and now there’s two brand new songs for me to become obsessed with all over again. How exciting.

As expected, they’re both excellent and pretty much everything I could have hoped for.

Call The Police is a storming return to the synth rock sound they were known and loved for. It sounds instantly familiar while new and exciting at the same time, it’s crying out to be played to a dancing festival crowd singing back every word.

American Dream is the second song to spring from the New York rockers this weekend and it’s a glorious yet melancholic analysis of America in 2017. It is a polar opposite to Call The Police but majestic and thought provoking in its own way.

Sadly, I have no hospital radio programme to play either song out on a weekly basis for the next month. Maybe I’ll just sneak them onto the work playlist instead!



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