Keep on running

I started running, I’m not sure how it happened but I think its what I do now.

For a while, around Christmas and the start of the new year I realised that all I was doing was working 40/50 hours a week, searching for jobs to apply for and sleeping. It was not my most productive time.

It was that realisation that got me to start writing more and now its making me move more!

I’ve been a big climber for many years, but on grey days, especially like today when it’s snowing in Sheffield, I’m much less tempted to climb outdoors and its a small expedition in itself to get to my nearest climbing centre.

With running though, I can wake up and roll out of bed for a run and be back before I’ve even thought about my first crumpet of the day. And today I’m back and hiding inside away from the snow which has been falling all day. how crazy’s that! Sometimes it snows in April.



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