I didn’t burn the pub down

At the moment I feel a little bit in limbo. I’ve worked really hard to learn how to write, interview and do all the things you need to be a journalist.

However, none of the jobs in this field I’ve applied for have wanted me just yet. As a result I’m shaking things in bars most nights of the week.

The problem is, I’m also quite fond of the shaking. I like how different every shift is, I like all of the useless beer facts I’ve learned and I like playing with cocktails.

At the moment I find myself between regular bar staff and management. I know how to set the bar up, float the tills, fix things that break in the cellar and I get to pick what beer to order, but I’m never actually in charge on shift.

This weekend though, things changed.

After only mentioning cashing up twice before I was in charge of the pub on a Saturday night. It was freaky going from a quiet evening, shaking a few drinks and pouring a few pints to counting tills, setting alarms and locking the place up!

Thankfully though, there was no major drama, the numbers all added up and everything got cleaned and put away.

Maybe I could do this more often?



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