The hostess with the mostess

I hosted something that resembled a grown up dinner party this weekend, it was fun.

Like a rebellious teenager I was excited to find out that my parents, who’s house I currently live in, were going away for the weekend. Jackpot.

The plan was; I would book the weekend off, friends would get the train up, we’d eat nice food then I would show them all Sheffield has to offer on a Saturday night. Foolproof.

The day before they arrived I started my prep for what I was going to cook, slow roasted pork shoulder followed by apple crumble.

The pork got off to a superb start, I fried off some red onions, garlic and apple then popped these all inside the meat and rolled it up like a big, porky Swiss roll. Next, I covered it all in olive oil, salt, pepper, sage, cider and a mix of herbs made up of native Scottish flowers. Its excellent with pork, chicken or anything gamy if you feel adventurous.

I then left it overnight, worked a close shift and woke up bright and early the next day to pop it in the oven. It cooked for around 6 hours in the end, by the time I unwrapped it all the meat had completely fallen apart. I took a fork to it to check it was cooked all the way through and the meat simply flaked away, always a good sign.

Once plated up with veg, potatoes, Yorkshire puddings and lakes of gravy from the appley juice it was an impressive meal. So much so, that after that and the apple crumble I’d also made we didn’t really feel like a Saturday night in Sheffield, oh how we’ve changed from our student days!



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