I don’t really know what I’m saying

One week on and it’s time for the second post. In theory, this should be quite easy, I’ve done a lot more than bartending this week.

However, it turns out it’s tricky to write about what you do in a week. Here goes.

It’s been a really nice few days, I said last week that I wanted to explore places and now I find myself in Holland. Maybe this blog was a good idea after all?

I like Holland, I’m lucky to have the chance to come here quite often and it’s always lush when I’m here. It’s an unexpectedly sunny weekend so I’m at the seaside and I couldn’t be happier.

Throughout my life I’ve loved the sea, the mix of waves, sand, fish and all the sweet treats you can think of will always drive me back to places like Whitby, Scarborough and Bridlington.

Today I’m in Scheveningen, the closest beach to Rotterdam and no matter how nice this trip is, my favourite time to go to the beach will always be grey, rainy days. I know it sounds bleak but there’s something fascinating about a deserted seaside resort.

The place is empty, the dodgems are covered to hide them from the rain and promenades are slippery with drizzle. The sounds of laughter and play heard throughout summer are replaced with the cries of seagulls as they pick at the bins.

I love catching the sun on the seafront, I love this quesadilla I’ve just picked up from the food truck on the pier and I love the relaxation which comes with a day on the beach in the sun. But, the seaside in the rain will always intrigue me and entertain me for days.



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