Are you here to see the mayor? 

One night you’re closing down a bar after a busy shift then before you know it you’re on another early morning train down south, this time I’m headed to London.
After wandering round galleries and museums we’re off to find the Smeg fridge that leads to cocktail Narnia. Let me explain this one, there is a place called The Breakfast Club in Spitalfields which holds an exciting secret. If you’re clued up and know the password (I’m here to see the mayor) then you will be lead to the Smeg fridge which opens up to reveal its secret beneath.

Hidden in the basement is a dimly lit cocktail paradise which goes by the name “The Mayor of Scardey Cat Town”. Once at your table, a list of rules is handed to you, which includes the menu on the back. Old Fashioned’s to start the night and it was really very good, lots of orange flavour and not too much syrup to block out the smoky Four Roses Bourbon.

The other drink for me was a Basil No Faulty (which was NOT picked because of its name. Maybe). Full of mint, elderflower and basil this was a really light and refreshing drink, sadly it’s also one that didn’t seem to last as long as I’d hoped!

The bar was beautifully set out, small tables lined the walls and there was a brilliant assortment of pictures and signs on the walls. “No Heavy Petting” signals the bathroom and Mrs Scardey Cat Town 2003 takes pride of place next to a sign marking a group of friend’s first dance.

The totally bizarre and brilliance of this bar are what make it so cool. Definitely one of my favourite bars and well worth checking out if you’re in the capital. If you’re asked to wait, trust me it really is worth it. Full of character, great drinks and even a little bit of friendly northern-ness when you end up bonding with your fellow drinkers in the confines of this tiny bar.

Go forth and visit the mayor!


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