Pizza is good for me

Leeds has always been a strange part of the world in my eyes and has always confused me slightly. Granted most of my experience with the place has been during the August bank holiday weekend at the Leeds Festival, which is hardly exploring the town centre.

However this weekend I find myself here once again, visiting friends and taking in the sights and sounds of Leeds city centre.

It seems that extra few miles north makes all the difference as it’s absolutely freezing, in the walk from station to flat my toes and fingers are all numb and a nice cuppa is on the cards.

First stop for me in my introduction to life in Leeds is the Belgrave Music Hall And Canteen. This quirky, three storey pub/music hall/pizza place hosts film and music nights, acts as a late bar and sells damn tasty pizza by the slice. Arrive there before seven and its half price a slice of their authentic Italian style pizza.

Slices decided and it’s one slice of Sausage Fest and another of Into The Woods. The first, as you might have guessed, is all meat and sausage while the latter is salami, mushroom and rocket.

The pizza base is light, crispy and full of flavour while the sauce is so packed full of tomatoey loveliness that it just deserves a minute of attention all to itself. This is followed by a mix of mozzarella and mascarpone cheese, in the case of the Sausage fest, all topped off with a mix of salami, black pepper sausage, prosciutto and caramelised onions. Delicious!

Pizza’s finished its time to head up to the roof top terrace, which is something all bars should have. With covered areas, outdoor heating, fairy lights and small garden sheds painted and transformed into private booths it’s a lovely spot to ponder life’s bigger issues after a stressful day of delayed trains and general travel chaos.


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